Monday, September 12, 2011

New St. Vincent

St. Vincent's new album is coming out tomorrow, so to celebrate, I'm posting her latest video.  When I first saw it, my initial interpretation was that she gets abducted by a family who needs a mother/wife, but it turns out she's not so good at household tasks, or at least doesn't live up to their expectations, so they dispose of her.

But a friend of mine had a more profound interpretation:  "What i thought was, she was making a commentary on succumbing to the minutia of everyday life. How meaningless repetition can kill love, and eventually, something inside you just dies.  They were burying her slowly, but figuratively, until eventually the person you used to be is simply gone."


Here's Cruel, by St. Vincent:

If you want to preview the album, you can listen to it here:


megatonk said...
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Anonymous said...

Insightful! I'm too busy wondering what secret products she uses to achieve such great curls to offer any interpretation.