Thursday, May 21, 2009

TV On the Radio, Revisited

A while back, I posted a TV on the Radio video. Here's another one of our favorites, which contains the following:

1. Very Buff Godheads/Deities
2. Golden Musical Instruments
3. Dancing Policemen (and a police woman!)
4. A Care Bear "stare"

TV On the Radio, "Golden Age:"

Love, don't you falter
Burning hearts
Dragged behind
The horses dancing on the altar
Hooves breaking Gods
To diamond dust and stars
And there you are...

And here's an older one, which is played just as often around here. It's a slower pace, but the song is really lovely. The video is a bit dark, given that the woman is being shot in slow motion by gun-toting animals, but the whole thing is pretty incredible.

TV On the Radio, "Province:"

Hold these hearts courageously
as we walk into this dark place
Stand, steadfast beside me and see
that love is the province of the brave.

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