Sunday, November 2, 2008


With the election just two days away, I wanted to post some songs/videos that I think reflect the important issues at stake: The war, the environment, and health care.

1. Mike Doughty's "Fort Hood" is about PTSD. It is deceptively upbeat with some sad lyrics. I wish I could embed it the video, but I can't. But here's the link to the video on You Tube in case you are interested:

"My vote's a bet in a football pool
Five on the red, six on the blue
Wake up fool, there's no time for a shouting match.

I smell blood and there's no blood around
The blanked out eyes and the blanked out sound
I see them coming back; motionless in an airport lounge."

2. The Environment. Bjork's video for "Earth Intruders" is amazing. In classic Bjork style, I'm not even sure she was writing about the environment here, but the imagery in the video and the lyrics I can catch sort of lead me in that direction.

3. Health Care. "Hospital Beds" by Cold War Kids. I am extremely worried about the future of health care in this country. This song reminds me of my worries. I wish the video to this song were better - I love the song, but the video is definitely no "Earth Intruders."

"I've got one friend
laying across from me
I did not choose him
He did not choose me
We've got no chance of recovery
Sharing hospital
Joy and misery."

Don't forget to vote!

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