Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mad World

I don't know if this Tears for Fears song needed to be more melancholy, but here's a cover of the song by Gary Jules. The song takes on a more whimsical feel with the video, directed by Michel Gondry:

And again, there are no cuts, as far as I can tell.


sheree said...


sheree said...

ps. Did you happen to catch the Tears for Fears show at Abravanel Hall where the prelude music was that weird discount Bullfight Music from Spain album I'd picked up at Media Play? Good times.

Wendy said...

Donnie Darko. that movie would not have been the same without this song.

Also, the video game commercial for Gears of War on XBox 360 use this...you have this song playing over CG of a soldier running through a city ruin with a big ass gun. There's these pretty dancing lights in the darkness, but when they come into the ambient light, you see they're the eyes of a twenty-foot tall spider creature. I had to stop and watch that sucker every time it came on TV...and I'm entirely sure it was because of this song.

And you know, the original song made such an impression on me that I owned it for 15 years before is even knew. :p