Friday, October 3, 2008


As if having one blog weren't fun enough, I was inspired by Beck's post (thanks, Sarah!) about fall songs and decided to create a new blog devoted to music. If there's one thing better than a great song, it's a great song with a great video. That's like PB&J, cookies and milk, peaches & cream...sorry, I can't think of any non-food things that go great together.

So, to start off my first post about music/videos that rule the universe, I give you "Lucas with the Lid Off," by Lucas, directed by Michel Gondry, who is a brilliant, brilliant man. I will be posting many more of his videos, don't you worry. The amazing thing about this video, is that it is shot in one take, with no cuts:

And, it's one of the better songs from the 90s. Ahh, the 90s. Those were the days. Enjoy!

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